Signature Massage & Facial



What sets HEALTH MATTERS Esthetics & Massage apart from others?

The Signature Massage & Facial!


The Signature Massage & Facial begins with massage of back, neck, and shoulders to relieve stress and muscle tension. Then, the completely personalized Customized Medi-Facial begins, targeting specific concerns and boosting your skin's response for continuous improvement. Massage of scalp, face, hands, arms and feet are incorporated throughout.

This massage and facial treatment is designed to relieve stress and muscle tension and to balance and restore your skin to its natural, healthy state.

The result? A healthy, glowing complexion and overall sense of well-being!


90 min. / $100

Facial Infusion upgrade / $15

Dermadisc upgrade / $20

Revitapen upgrade / $27

Medi-Infusion upgrade / $35