Signature Massage & Facial


What sets HEALTH MATTERS Esthetics & Massage apart from others?

The 90 min. Signature Massage & Facial!


Your completely personalized 90 minute Massage & Facial begins with massage of your back, neck, scalp, and shoulders to relieve stress and muscle tension. An intuitive and eclectic blend of massage modalities, hot stones, heat packs, Ayurvedic Acupressure (Marma Points) and/or Cupping will guarantee to soothe your mind and body. Then, your Customized Medi-Facial begins, targeting your specific concerns and boosting your skin's response for continuous improvement with Osmosis Beauty , Botanical Skin Care, tools and techniques for a holistic, non-inflammatory approach to beauty and wellness. Hot stone massage and Ayurvedic Acupressure (Marma Points) of your scalp, ears, face, hands, and arms combine the art of skincare with stress relief. This self-love treatment finishes with massage of your feet with a luxurious foot ointment, made in-house with organically and sustainably grown ingredients, and warm peppermint towels, to completely sink you into relaxation.

This massage and facial self-love treatment is designed to relieve stress and muscle tension, to balance and restore your skin to its natural, healthy state, and to nourish your skin, mind, body, and spirit for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

The result? A healthy, glowing complexion and overall sense of well-being!


90 min. / $100

You can upgrade your 90 min. Massage & Facial self-love treatment with these holistic, non-inflammatory tools. For a description of what these tools entail, please click on the "Services & Rates" link.

Facial Infusion upgrade / $15

Dermadisc upgrade / $20

Revitapen upgrade / $27

Medi-Infusion upgrade / $35