HEALTH MATTERS Esthetics & Massage offers 3 levels of Facials:

1. Customized Medi-Facial - completely personalized to target specific skin concerns

2. Facial Infusion Peel - medical-grade, non-chemical peel

3. Medi-Infusion - powerful combination of the Customized Medi-Facial and the Facial Infusion Peel


Any of these facials can be upgraded the RevitaPen Pro.

The Revitapen Pro is a non-invasive tool that enhances product absorption to create immediate, visible results with no down-time.






4-Week Series Customized Medi-Facial - $225 (Reg. $255)

4-Week Series Customized Medi-Facial with RevitaPen - $325 (Reg. $363)


Week 1- Customized Medi-Facial

Week 2 - Customized Medi-Facial

Week 3 - Customized Medi-Facial

Week 4 - Facial Infusion Peel



4-Month Series Facial Infusion Peel - $275 (Reg. $315)

4-Month Series Facial Infusion Peel with Revitapen - $375 (Reg. $423)


Month 1 - Facial Infusion Peel or Customized Medi-Facial*

Month 2 - Facial Infusion Peel

Month 3 - Facial Infusion Peel

Month 4 - Medi-Infusion



*Please note, to ensure your skin has been conditioned to reach the full potential of the facials, first time clients must start with the Customized Medi-Facial and begin an Osmosis MD Treatment Plan.

Not currently on one? Now is a great time to jump in on the action because a Nutrient or Peptide Activiting Mist (Infuse or Boost) will be included in the MARCH MADNESS!

(Mist is valued at $26 - 32)


Osmosis MD Treatment Plan

Cleanser - $25

Vitamin A - $62 - 86

Moisturizer - $54 - 60


Treatment Plan and Activating Mist will be chosen for your skin type and condition!



*****Clients participating in the MARCH MADNESS sessions will be entered into a drawing for each month, March through June. Each month will be a new product. The month of March is Chocolate Cherry Antioxidant Mask.*****

This indulgent superfood mask is Certified Organic and rich with antioxidants that inhibit oxidation and inflammation. The cocoa and cherry provide anthocyanins which have potent anti-cancer properties and are rich in minerals and vitamins like A, C and E. Cherries have brightening and anti-aging properties and cocoa, with a high content of flavonoids, has been shown to help skin better tolerate UV exposure. Treat your skin to this guilt-free, anti-aging mask.

Aging, Hyperpigmented, Dull, Dry.


  • Brightens complexion
  • Infuses skin with antioxidants
  • Increases circulation, releasing constraints in the skin


Gift Certificates are available.

Online Booking - Series of choice must begin in this month of March.

Please use MARCH MADNESS category.