September Special



Free Dermadisc upgrade with any facial!


What is the Dermadisc?

The Dermadisc is a holistic alternative to traditional Microdermabrasion. Why is it Holistic? Because the Dermadisc is more gentle and has no suction, which means no risk of broken capillaries. Using gentle vibration and a corvex exfoliating tip, the Dermadisc removes the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving smooth, refreshed & rejuvenated skin.


The Dermadisc is effective for:

*Treating sun damaged skin, acne scarring, pigmentation, and fine lines.

*Provides a smoother appearance of the skin

*Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

*Helps to even out coloring and lighten pigmentation

*Supports natural collagen synthesis in the skin

*Helps build collagen and thicken the dermis

*Firms and tightens the skin

*Reduces scarring and acne lesions


Regularly, a stand alone treatment / 30 min. / $50

Add on to service / $20

September Special - FREE add on to any facial! When booking online, please choose SEPTEMBER SPECIAL category. Price has been changed to reflect this special.